Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Already February

I can't believe it's February already. I figured I'd do an update on how my goals are going.

Working out weekly?? We're planning to start that this week. I stepped on the scale yesterday (eek!), and it wasn't pretty. I will say that I haven't gained anything since my doc appointment in November, so after gaining constantly for what felt like forever, that was a slight plus.

Eating better?? I started the 5:2 plan yesterday. In a nutshell, you eat a super-restrictive diet for two days of your choosing, not consecutive, and the rest of the week, you just eat normally. The first day of 'low-cal' eating wasn't bad. I know that I ate what I was supposed to, even with a few substitutions with dinner, but it really didn't seem all that bad. The corn and potato chowder that I made was great, and I portioned it out into four servings so I know I only ate about 150 calories.

Photo challenges?? Ha. I'm failing miserably at those.I'm still getting a picture a day of Hannah, and that's the important part.

Saving money?? Since I've scheduled the first half of the year's worth of deposits, this is going along fine. I want to start making some of those bigger deposits now, or at least splitting them since I'm not sure we'll be able to afford to stash almost $200 bucks in December.

Unpacking?? We are sloooooowly getting through our boxes and figuring out what we really need to keep and what is just not necessary. It's tough at the end of the day. I want to make dinner and spend time with Hannah, then spend time with Matt or workout or whatnot. But we're working on it.

Knitting?? Ravellenics starts on Friday, and I have three projects plus a WIP to finish over the Olympic Games. The stash isn't particularly organized, but it's all in the corner in the basement, so that's a start. I did finish a red scarf, but I'm not a fan of red, so I might trying dyeing it with some blue to see if I can make purple. I'm mad at the long vest that I made so I'm currently refusing to bind off and weave in the ends. Silly, I know.

Relationship?? Ehhh, things are stable right now, I guess. We go in spurts. We'll have a big fight, then things will be better for awhile. Rinse, lather, repeat.Amazingly enough, we had our first make-up sex EVER the other night. I know! We usually end up with me crying, and after crying, who feels like sex??

Things with Dan and Mindy are going fine. Her due date is August 17, right after Hannah's birthday. Plans are still rolling forward for Ace and Manoel's wedding.

Not much else is new. Hannah just keeps growing like crazy. I'll get around to posting new pictures soon. I can't believe she's going to be a year and a half old already. We start with the new doctor toward the end of the month; I hope we like her. I'm seeing her by myself on Thursday, so if I don't like her then, I'll cancel Hannah's and we'll figure out a new plan.

Overall, things are pretty quiet these days.