Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's really real.

Yesterday was my initial doc appointment. I was nervous that we would get in there and there wouldn't be anything at all there! Those fears were not as quickly put to rest as I would have liked. The doc couldn’t find the heartbeat with the doppler and there is a huge gap between their EDD and mine, so she wanted to do a ultrasound to get some measurements. That would have been fine until she asks the nurse to see if the ultrasound tech can squeeze me in to check viability. That made me nervous. I'm amazed my blood pressue was normal! But it was a lot of worrying for nothing. We got to see the baby and it was the most amazing moment. I told the tech and Matt that they couldn't laugh at me if I cried. I measured in at 9 weeks 5 days, just two off of what I was guess-timating. Official due date is August 19. Heartbeat was 138, and the baby is currently balancing on its head. It waved at us and kicked its feet too.  Apparently, along with having a slightly arcuate uterus, my uterus is also slightly tilted back which is why the ultrasound tech thinks the doc couldn’t find the heartbeat externally. Everything looks good!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Copied from a recent Ravelry post:

First a little background info. My husband and I work at a school for kids with special needs, mainly learning disabilities and autism with a bit of EBD (emotional-behavioral disability) thrown in for flavor. I do music for first through twelfth grade as well as provide special ed services for 26 high school students. DH is a one-on-one for a non-verbal first grader with autism. DH was laid off in August prior to the beginning of the school year due to budget issues (I referenced this in a different post about house buying), but rehired shortly after the beginning of the year to work this particular student. The student was evaluated to determine the need for a one-on-one in about November because the result of his annual meeting and re-evaluation determined he needed one, but one was not called for in his plan. On a day to day basis, DH works individually with this one student, helping him with classwork as best he can and also implements a seperate curriculum that the teacher and he have come up with. The ONE time that the school district came in to observe the teacher (stupidly) had DH working with a group of students with his one student working independently on a computer. Dumb dumb dumb.

We just got word this morning that funding for the one-on-one has been denied by the district. Funding was denied based on that one observation and the student’s attendance record. This means DH has a job until the team can meet again to remove the one-on-one from the IEP, I assume there is a timeline for this, and then unless funding is found, he will be out of a job. There is the possibility that he can be evaluated after four weeks to check his progress and see how he is doing and that evaluation may re-determine the need for the one-on-one, but there is no guarantee on that. Our head of school is planning to talk with the accountants to see if there is funding to keep him around through the end of the year, but again, no guarantees on that. So it is entirely possible that DH will not have a job soon.
There goes the house and any sense of stability for the next however long. I’m so upset right now; I really thought things were settling down and we were going to be able to buy a house this summer and have a nursery and all those fun things everyone gets to do when they have a baby. Now we’re going to have to figure out what the heck to do with the cats and clean up the guest room and try to create some sort of workable situation for the soon-to-be three (or five, if you count the cats) of us.

Boo. Today is gonna be a really productive day…

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still here....

It's kind of interesting how now that the focus of my life has shifted from dealing with infertility to "OMG, we're having a baby", I'm finding it harder to find things to write about here. I could write about how I'm slowly developing a knack from reading what my body needs whether it's Tums or food or water or a LifeSaver (best thing for nausea ever). Or how I detest sweets and meatballs, but am totally ecstatic about oranges with cottage cheese (two foods that I refused to eat for several years of my life). I suppose once I start to buy maternity clothes or take baby bump photos or buy baby stuff, I'll have more to write about. I anticipate writing lots following our initial OB appointment on the 20th (I can't wait!).

But now that we're here, having a baby, I don't feel like there is as much to document. Maybe I'll start writing letters to the baby, like that guy in the google commercial who sends e-mails to his little girl. I suppose it will be nice to keep track of how this pregnancy goes to compare it to any additional pregnancies, and to remind myself what we went through to get here.

But for awhile, it might be quiet here. And honestly, quiet wouldn't be a bad way to go through a pregnancy. Nothing exciting beyond the normal heartbeat and ultrasound pictures and belly shots. Quiet and peaceful; that's exactly how I want my pregnancy to be.