Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick post

Hannah is officially one month old. Man, where did the time go? At our last doctor visit (a week and a half ago), she weighed 8 lb 13 oz and had grown to 21 inches long. She's quickly outgrowing her newborn clothes, and is quickly growing into her 0-3 mo stuff. Unfortunately, the weather is cooling so the 0-3 stuff is needing to be layered since it was all summer stuff. Oh well...... It's hard to find time to post as often as I would like since her schedule seems to change day to day. Some highlights:

-We've stopped breastfeeding, and I am pumping exclusively. I still haven't completely processed all the factors leading up to this, but will probably post about it in the future. So far, things are going well and I think it is the best choice for us.

-Hannah is able to focus on faces and will occasionally track items in her field of vision. I think it's a matter of getting it the right distance away from her face so that she can both focus and track.

-As mentioned above, we're quickly outgrowing our newborn clothes.

-Hannah is objectively adorable. As in, our complete and utter belief that our daughter is adorable is not due to parental bias; the general populace agrees. We accept compliments on her behalf every time we go out with her, often more than once or twice.

-Speaking of going out, Hannah is amazing when we go out and about. This is due to her undying love and affection for her car seat. She mellows quickly when placed in her car seat, and usually falls asleep quickly once the car is moving. She will stay asleep until a bit after we get back home. The other night, she slept for almost an hour and a half after we get home. But in general, she behaves well when we're out. If she's not sleeping, she eats her food quickly and then is content to chill with her wubanub (pacifier).

-We have found that she is soothed by a pacifier. I hadn't wanted to use a pacifier, but if we hadn't chosen to introduce it her second, the nurses in the NICU would have given her one when she was there. I still need to write up a post about our NICU stay, but yes, Hannah was in the NICU for 48 hours.

-Hannah eats like a horse and is pooping and peeing like a champ.

And here are some pics:

Hannah is slowly getting used to bathtime. Matt and I love how cute she is when she's snuggling after the bath; we're working on ways to keep her warm and comfy during the bath so she doesn't cry the whole time.

 This is a post-bath picture. Everyone says she looks like Matt in this shot.

 Hannah is really strong already. The doctor actually commented on it when we were there. She seems to like tummy time. Luther often comes over to check things out when she is doing tummy time. She can pick her head up for periods of time and will turn her head toward the sound of our voices.

 My kid has monkey arms like her daddy.

Snuggles with mommy!

Matt's family came to visit over Labor Day weekend. Here is Hannah with his dad;

His mom;

His brother;

And his grandma.

Hannah wanted me to know I had taken enough pictures already.

The owl toy in the picture was a gift from Matt's sister. She will grab at some toys when she feels like making mommy happy.

This is our troublemaker face. She's just so gosh darn cute you can't be mad at her!

Snuggling with mommy after bath time.

Luther investigating what Hannah is doing. She was watching the Packer game with daddy.

We are completely in love with our little girl and even though we have days where she doesn't sleep and is fussy all the time, we wouldn't trade it for the world.

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