Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 Months

I think we hit our three month growth spurt and I think we won. By won, we all eventually returned to a normal food and sleep schedule.
In other news:
-If you let her hold onto your hands, she'll pull herself up. She's been putting her hands in her mouth more (OMG.... the drool) and refusing the pacifier on occasion as well.
-She has a lot to say, especially when you are on her level and really looking in the face. She chatted with grandma and great-grandma today when they visited.
-She's consistently sleeping from around 9ish until sometime between 5am and 7am. If she wakes up earlier than 5, she's really good about going back to sleep right away for a few more hours, and the earlier it is during her normal window, the faster she goes back to sleep. Although a lot of times, if she wakes up after six or so, it's more like a nap than an extension of the night. She's sleeping well though.
-She is also starting to express her displeasure in ways other than immediate screaming/crying. She will do some angry-sounding talking, then it kinda sounds like yelling, then finally escalates into screaming/crying.
-We're also getting waaay better at reading her cues as to what hungry-crying is vs. sleepy-crying.
-And she's developing a eat-play-sleep-(sometimes)play-eat pattern. It's amazing how she's kinda set a schedule for herself. Which is good because I'm lousy with schedules.

We still don't like bathtime but it's gotten slightly better.

Three months old! This was a rare smiling moment during the last few days of three month growth spurt fussiness.

Sitting up while playing. She's doing a good job of pulling herself up from a reclined position as long as she has your hands to hold on to.

Super cute. This picture makes her look a whole lot like Matt when he was a little kid.

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