Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two decisions and pictures!!

A quick update on my last two posts.

First, I'm on the pill. It's the mini-pill which is approved for use while breastfeeding and it somewhat of a compromise since in theory, it shouldn't mess with my cycle. A number of the women on the August rav boards are on it, and many of them still haven't gotten their periods yet. So it's not going to dictate my cycle. I'm not horribly thrilled, but it is what it is. Matt and I are both somewhat getting what we want.

And spontaneous sex is awesome.

Second, we let her cry. We didn't do it for the initial put-down. She slept for a few hours after that. It was the multiple wake-ups between one and four that finally did it. There was a misunderstanding between Matt and I and I ended up pissed off and then he tried to put her down and she immediately woke up and cried, and we'd finally had it. It wasn't how I wanted to do it; I didn't want CIO to be something that we did out of anger, but honestly, we were just burnt out. We had tried just about everything the nurse suggested on Friday and we we were out of options. So we held her and snuggled her until she was super sleepy, then put her down and left the room. At that point, we just let her go.

It was awful. She cried for half an hour and I'm pretty sure I cried for most of it. Honestly though, half an hour isn't bad, from what I'm hearing. I was surprised when she woke up less than hour later. We did the same thing, and she went to sleep. Last night was rougher. We left her in her car seat, normally a guarantee of sleep. Unless someone knocks the remote off the bed onto the hardwood floor. That set us up for a long chunk of time spent trying to get her sleepy again and she even had a bottle. Eventually we did the soothe then leave, and it took about ten minutes. Tonight we put her down sleepy and she woke up about 45 minutes later. I picked her up, rocked her until sleepy, then set her down. She cried for less than five minutes. So hopefully this will help get rid of these silly wake-ups in the middle of the night.

On a happy cute note, pictures!

Our first dinner as a family at the dinner table. We've been pretty good about keeping it up, even on the nights when we get take-out.

It is possible for bathtime to be fun!

Playing by herself in the pack 'n play while we did laundry did not go over very well.

We opened up all the toys left from the baby showers. Now that she's old enough for them, we cleaned up her room so there was room on the floor to play.

She also played with the new toys in the crib so that I could sort through her clothes and swap out the stuff that wasn't big enough.

Seven months old..... man, where did the time go??

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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