Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still here....

It's kind of interesting how now that the focus of my life has shifted from dealing with infertility to "OMG, we're having a baby", I'm finding it harder to find things to write about here. I could write about how I'm slowly developing a knack from reading what my body needs whether it's Tums or food or water or a LifeSaver (best thing for nausea ever). Or how I detest sweets and meatballs, but am totally ecstatic about oranges with cottage cheese (two foods that I refused to eat for several years of my life). I suppose once I start to buy maternity clothes or take baby bump photos or buy baby stuff, I'll have more to write about. I anticipate writing lots following our initial OB appointment on the 20th (I can't wait!).

But now that we're here, having a baby, I don't feel like there is as much to document. Maybe I'll start writing letters to the baby, like that guy in the google commercial who sends e-mails to his little girl. I suppose it will be nice to keep track of how this pregnancy goes to compare it to any additional pregnancies, and to remind myself what we went through to get here.

But for awhile, it might be quiet here. And honestly, quiet wouldn't be a bad way to go through a pregnancy. Nothing exciting beyond the normal heartbeat and ultrasound pictures and belly shots. Quiet and peaceful; that's exactly how I want my pregnancy to be.

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