Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quick update and pics

Matt and I spent much of today with my mom and dad, putting up stuff on the walls and assembling the new baby furniture. The load of baby sheets, changing covers, etc. is in the washer/dryer, and the last load of baby clothes is just waiting to be washed. Slowly, we are getting to wear we need to be. The pack n play is set up in the bedroom, just waiting for sheets and covers. I want to get the neat sheets on the crib and covers on the changing table tonight as well. I also want to get decorations hung up.

I had my 38/39 week appointment yesterday. We are up two more pounds for a total of 13 pounds for this pregnancy and blood pressure was back into my normal range. The swelling is still icky, but as long as it gets better over night and my blood pressure is good, they're not worried. In more exciting news, we are 1-2 cm dilated and 60% effaced. The doc that I saw yesterday said she was guessing it would be about a week or so. Baby girl is still super high, and still bounces when poked through my cervix. 

We still need to get the car seats set up in the cars to make sure that we're ready in that respect. And I suppose I should pack for baby girl and for myself.

But in the meantime, here are some of the maternity photos we had taken as well as the 3D ultrasound shots that we also got.

This last picture (above) is the shot we got prints of right away to send to our parents and grandparents. These pics were taken on my birthday which was two days before we were officially at 37 weeks.

Everyone we've shown this picture to says that baby girl looks a lot like me. It will be interesting to see if she really looks that much like me when she's born.

I need to try to remember to have Matt take another bump shot tomorrow at 39 weeks. I feel like I've gotten a lot bigger in the last few weeks. In fact, one of my new co-workers commented yesterday that it seems like I've gotten bigger since we started training. It's only been in the last week or so that random people have started commenting on my pregnancy. It's fun, even if it did come later for me than some of the other people that I've been talking to.

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