Friday, August 3, 2012

I don't want the scary liver thing!

I scheduled a doctor's appointment for the afternoon of 8/1. Nothing really labor-related (although there have been lots of contractions lately, back pain, and tons of cervical stabbing pains). I had been having some crazy itchiness and when I called on Monday, they gave me some ideas of things to try, but said to call back if things didn't improve. They didn't. The itchiness on my arms got slightly better, but is still pretty intense just about everywhere else. So my midwife checked things out and took care of my 37/38 week appointment so I could cancel my Friday appointment.

So I went to the doc. I am not dilated AT ALL (despite gobs of contractions and cervical pain. boo.) Doc was not happy with the itchiness or with my weight gain (four pounds in five days) or with my puffy feet or with my blood pressure. It was not a good appointment. She is concerned about possible pre-eclampsia as well as this liver thingy that could be causing the itchiness. Scary liver thing.... won't really hurt me, but could result in the baby being stillborn if not taken care of early.

So we scheduled fasting bloodwork for Friday. Going for 12 hours with eating or drinking sucked. What was supposed to be a quick bloodwork and blood pressure check (they said max 15 minutes) turned into an hour and a half appointment so they could analyze my condition, poke at my feet (fat fat sausages!), check my eyes for yellowing and a urine sample. The real time killer was the fact that the receptionist who checked me in told me I didn't need to do a urine sample, so I went to the bathroom before my blood draw. Less than 15 minutes later, they decided that they needed a sample so we all sat around while while I chugged water to attempt to have to pee. My urine and blood pressure were okay; the blood pressure wasn’t as high as yesterday, but also not as low as it has been up to this point. I have doc’s orders not to wear tight shoes, and since all of my shoes are tight, I talked to my boss and they’re willing to let me wear flip-flops. 

We’re waiting for the bloodwork results; three of the four were in this afternoon (and normal), but we're still waiting on the scary liver thing test. I am okay to travel to Chicago since it's not too far (Chicago yarn crawl is this weekend!!). I’m also supposed to stay off my feet whenever possible, elevate my feet, and keep an eye out for any other pre-eclampsia symptoms and let them know immediately. They did give me a script for something for the itch. I’ve taken two doses and while it's making it easier to ignore the itch, it's not really helping the itch go away.

Baby girl and I had a talk this morning about how as much as I am physically ready for her to make her arrival, it doesn’t need to be this exciting. We’ve had a mostly quiet pregnancy; I’m okay with that trend continuing.

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