Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things work out

(This post was written on 2/24/2012, but I set it to post two weeks ago so that I could post about things that have happened since without writing one huge post)

I'm so glad when things work out. The day of my most recent doc appointment (Feb 8), Matt's little guy wasn't in school so he was able to come with me for my ultrasound/bloodwork/check-up.  Good thing.

We spent over 30 minutes just watching the baby move around, much to the chagrin of the tech who was trying to get a measurement for the scan we were having done. I did a lot of coughing, supposedly to get the baby to move, I rolled back and forth, and eventually drank a container of OJ and walked around. All the OJ did was encourage the baby to headstands. Eventually she did get it, but not without lots of pushing and leaving me with a sore spot on my belly. The baby is measuring right on target, well, about one day ahead of schedule, but not enough to change the due date or anything.

The process of getting my bloodwork went fine. I didn't pass out or turn green or anything, and she got it on the first try. I'm not sure I've ever had that much blood taken at one time. It's been more than two weeks and no one has called to tell me that I have any STD's or bizarre-o diseases so I think I'm okay. They also haven't called to tell us that the results of the first semester screening were abnormal, so I'm guessing that's fine too. My midwife told me that the measurement part of the scan was completely normal, so that was half of it right there.

My exam also went fine. We got the hear the heartbeat which was amazing. I asked about steak and how rare I can actually go. I was thinking medium well, so I was pleasantly surprised when she said it just had to be hot/pink in the center. So on the rarer side of medium. Other than that, nothing was really new.

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