Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still being stubborn

My 24 week appointment was on Friday. We had an ultrasound to try to get the missing pictures from the anatomy scan as well as just a regular check-up. We talked about my episode the night before, and the doc agreed it was heat-related. She said that I was just going to have be careful to not overheat and make sure I stay super hydrated. In other words, if I'm not careful, this could become a regular thing. She looked at the spots on my face, confirming they were from the vomiting, and then commented that it would be fun (in a sarcastic way) to see how my face looked after actually giving birth if puking did that. Beyond that, I got the liquid for my GD test for my next appointment and set up an appointment for yet another ultrasound.

Here is the elusive profile picture they couldn't last time. The floating orb is actually a cross-section of her arm since she had her hands up by her face yesterday. Speaking of her face, I think she's going to have a cute nose.

But, yes, another ultrasound. Baby girl is quite stubborn and has stayed breech, making it difficult to get the pictures  of her heart. Now that she's grown a little bit more, her head is above my belly button, so they got those photos, but now her heart is directly below my belly button making it difficult. Add to it that she has consistently had her back to the u/s wand, and you've got the most impossible shot in the world. So we get another ultrasound which I'm not horribly upset about.

We also got our pre-registration paperwork for labor & delivery (eek!) as well as the list of options for our birthing plan. There is a whole lot of stuff on there that I haven't even thought of, and if she stays breech and they can't flip her, some of it won't even matter..... like drugs. If I have to have a c-section, obviously, drugs are not optional! So over the next few weeks, we'll be discussing that. I kinda want to wait until we get through our birth & labor classes to see if we learn stuff there.

Speaking of birth & labor class, we start class on Wednesday! It's three weeks, with class for 3 hours on Wednesday nights, complete with the pillow and blanket requirement. I'm kinda nervous. I don't feel pregnant enough to be doing birth classes yet, even though it specifically says to do it in your sixth or seventh month, and tomorrow, I'll be 25 weeks, which is pretty much the end of month five, beginning of month six. I guess I'm just not showing in the way that I'd expect. We've also signed up for a breastfeeding class toward the end of June which Matt isn't thrilled about attending, but is going to  go to since I want him to.

After my appointment, we met with one of the ladies in billing to find out about our options once I no longer have insurance coverage through work. Luckily, they accept Badgercare which is the state aid here in Wisconsin. So the plan at this point is, even if we end up having to move to IL, to figure out a way to stay in WI through the birth and the first few weeks of her life to make sure that we continue to qualify for Badgercare. We will make this work!!!

Maybe I'll have Matt take a new pic tomorrow to compare to the last picture of me. I haven't really posted those on here, but I suppose I could. I haven't seen a whole lot of change, but others say they can tell a difference.

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