Friday, May 4, 2012

Scary times

Last night was super scary. It has gotten super warm and humid in the last few days, and my room was unbearably muggy by the end of the day. We stopped and picked up Speedy-Freezes and Jimmy John's on our way home. I was looking forward to my tuna sandwich until I discovered there was lettuce on it. I don't hate lettuce; I just don't want it on my sandwich. It was okay.

So we sat and watched some TV, and I eventually fell asleep during Wheel of Fortune. When I woke up, I was really warm and sweating and just really uncomfortable. My sides were aching like I'd been doing side crunches or something, and my stomach was a tiny bit crampy. We started to watch Wire in the Blood, a great very creepy British thriller series about a shrink who helps with serial killer cases. After about 20 minutes, I just was too uncomfortable sit still any longer. I went to the bathroom, paced around in the bedroom, and eventually took off as much clothing as I could (without being completely indecent) and sat in front of the fan.

Less than five minutes later, I was in the bathroom, puking violently. That lasted for a good 30 minutes. 30 minutes of misery. My head and face hurt, my nose was plugged, I'd somehow managed to throw up on my shirt, and I had tears streaming down my face. And I was still sweating like mad and hot. So I decided to take a cold bath. I thought maybe it was a combination of the heat and not enough liquid even though I'd had that entire Speedy-Freeze. So I say in the tub for at least another half an hour. I almost fell asleep even. Matt checked on me a couple of times, but I really just wanted to be alone. I got out of the tub and promptly threw up again. After throwing up that last time, I was still achy but I was pretty sure I was done throwing up. I dried off, got dressed and parked myself in front of the AC. Since I felt better after the cold bath, I decided it was most likely heat related, so one of the times Matt checked on me, he told me he was going to turn on the AC so I could crash in front of it.

After sitting in front of the AC for awhile, I felt a lot better. Better enough to eat some crackers and drink water without worrying about throwing it all up. The achiness went away and I could sit in one place for more than a few minutes. I worried about the potential for listeria infection from the sub because how I was feeling sounded eerily like a story I had read about someone who had it, but from what I could find on-line, the timeline didn't work out. And I wasn't noticing decreased baby movement which was something the other person had noticed. According to webMD, I had a lot of the symptoms of heat exhaustion which lines up with what I was thinking it was related to.

Unfortuantely, all the puking left me with a bunch of red spots all over my face. Matt suggested heat rash, but I think I'd have it elsewhere if it was heat rash. So I think it's just broken capillaries from the vomiting. They're not painful or itchy, and they're not as red as they were last night. They kinda looked like I grew a whole ton of freckles or tiny little mini-bruises overnight. They're even on my eyelids!! Blech.

I do have a doc appointment already set up for today so I'm definitely going to bring it up, but I am feeling much better today. It's also a lot cooler outside. But if I didn't have an appointment, I would have called to make an appointment. Just to be on the safe side.

I've never felt like that before and it really scared me. My biggest concern is that baby girl is okay. I haven't felt her a lot today, but it's been a busy day. And I haven't been too hungry, so I haven't eaten a whole lot. Food usually gets her going. :-)

I'll write more later after our doctor appointment.

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