Sunday, June 17, 2012

An ending, an appointment, and preparations

It was a busy week. The school officially closed on Friday. So after our last two days with students, we spent two and a half days trying to sell as much as possible and then on the last day, we either donated or pitched the rest. I pushed myself a little too hard on Wednesday while finishing up my packing in my room, so I wasn't able to do much after that. There was dehydration puking Wednesday (and the corresponding spots) and Braxton-Hicks contractions on all three days. Friday morning, I woke up with a nasty case of the runs.

After keeping nothing in my system all day Friday, I went to my previously scheduled doctor's appointment. I was glad that I had already had the appointment scheduled, so I could ask about what I could take. She told me that I could take Imodium and gave me 24 hours of a liquid diet and an additional 24 hours of a bland diet. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment for a pregnant, but I'll get to that in a minute.

On the baby front, things are good. She is still head-down, facing forward. Her heartbeat was good and strong. The midwife measured my belly and I'm measuring at 33 weeks which is two weeks ahead, but the midwife said that two weeks on either side was acceptable. She did ask me to be aware and watch for decreased fetal movement. According to her, that is less than ten movements in four hours. That has not been an issue so far, and this weekend was no exception. She's a wiggly little one.

As I mentioned before, asking me to be on a liquid diet was cruel and unusual punishment. Well, it would be for any pregnant woman, but especially the day of a baby shower. Yeah, a baby shower, especially one where I knew there would be gobs of awesome food. Here is the diaper cake that Sam made.

The turtles on the top were from our registry, and the owls and the tag blanket were made by my friend. I am a turtle fan and DH is an owl guy, hence all the turtles and owl. The top layer of burp cloths are basic cloth diapers that my friend backed with a variety of awesome fabrics.

The baby shower was amazing. It was a Perry the Platypus theme so everything was orange and turquoise and there were Perrys all over the place. Interestingly enough, I had on a dress that exactly matched the turquoise so I fit in with the theme too. Tons of food, as I mentioned above, and the favors were jarred cookie mixes called Perry Pastries. It was awesome; Sam completely outdid herself. She also did a Price is Right game. She knows that I'm not a huge shower game fan, but also can't resist buying tons of stuff so this was a compromise between us. We got a bunch of awesome gifts: a Finding Nemo bathtub, the turtle bath toy scoop that we had registered for but taken off thinking it was too extravagant, lots of clothes, some adorable onesies that my friend decorated, the baby carrier for Matt, a few handmade blankets, a knitted stuffed turtle that I'm trying desperately not to judge (I'm such a snob, I know), tons of diapers, etc. It was awesome.

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