Thursday, July 26, 2012

News of day one

I am totally super excited about my new job! I had my first day of being actually on-site at my new school. It was awesome. I actually got to observe one of my future students who has been taught this summer by a previous co-worker from two jobs ago. So we spent part of the day catching up which was fun. I'm super excited about this position. I had been a little concerned after the formality of the training over the last few days, but it honestly seems like all the things I loved about my last job with the bonus of true administrative, financial, and educational support. A total win-win situation. They've already figured out a plan to cover my students (all four of them!) while I'm on my maternity leave (they're dividing them into two other classrooms for the weeks I'm gone).
I also talked with my director about my plans to breastfeed, and he instantly was supportive and said that they would definitely work out a plan for me to have a private place to pump and I could store my milk in his fridge in his office, so I didn't have to put it in the staff lounge fridge. Turns out that either he isn't as young as he looks or he started having kids really early, but he apparently has five kids at home so he's totally on-board with supporting me in this. It is so amazing to feel so supported!! I guess I hadn't realized how unsupported I really was at my last job until I felt how supported I feel here after only three days. Our business director is also pregnant, due in December.
Everyone was very kind and asked how I was doing, when I was due, and genuinely seemed excited that I (and the other new staff) was on-board.

In baby news, we have our 36/37 week appointment tomorrow. I know that I have my GBS test tomorrow so I'm guessing they'll check my cervix while they're in there. We'll see... Baby girl has been quite active and wiggly, and based on how much I'm still feeling her in the front, I think she's still head down but facing front. I keep telling her that things will be better for both of us, but it's apparently not getting through to her. We are also have an elective 3D/4D ultrasound tomorrow, courtesy of Betsy who just thought we had to have one so she hooked us up! So after not seeing baby girl since week 28, we get to see her tomorrow. I'm excited!!

I've had some pretty persistent pelvic pain the last week or so when I stand up, walk, shift on the couch, roll over in bed, etc. Essentially, it hurts to do anything other than sit on the couch. Even lying in bed is no longer consistently comfortable. Eventually, my hips start to ache. My mom commented on Tuesday that she thinks I've dropped a little bit, and that would coincide with the increased discomfort, but who knows..... And if she hasn't dropped at all and I'm this uncomfortable, I am not looking forward to her dropping. I know they say that you get to breathe better (hasn't really been an issue for me as long as I'm not walking up stairs), but the pain is obnoxious and I'm tired of peeing. I was up like five times last night, and I can't even begin to count how many times I went today at work. As much as I am not mentally ready for baby girl to arrive, physically I think I'm getting to that point. I do want her to be as grown as she needs to be though so I'm hoping she takes her time.... but not too much time.

The move is slowly but surely progressing. I haven't updated in ages so the blog-world doesn't know that we're moving into a house that we'll be renting from my dad's cousin and his wife. Three bedrooms, a basement with a bar, and central air are all waiting for us, as I type. We've already moved a ton of boxes in as well as smaller pieces of furniture, but the big move for the furniture is Saturday so we can clean on Sunday. My going back to work has somewhat thrown a kink in the moving plan, so Matt's doing a lot more on his own and I love him for it! I know I can't do much anyway, but this summer has been rough for us to keep motivated to get anything done, so I'm happy that he's done as much as he has without me nagging over his shoulder.

I am loving mani/pedis. I'm not sure why I've never done this before, but I've had two, and I'm hoping to get one more in before baby girl comes. I'm considering getting a gel manicure since it will last longer even though I'm going to be washing my hands way more once she's here.

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