Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 36/37

Quick boring appointment for week 36/37. No cervical check (yeah!) and the GBS test was nothing like I was expecting. They did do a quick blood prick for checking iron, but didn’t tell me the results. I don’t think that office as the lab on-site like the office over at the hospital. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, but I think that was because I found out when I got there that I was 15 minutes late. I had gotten my times confused so I was flustered when she took my blood pressure. No one seemed worried about it so I’m not.

I didn’t really like this doctor. I hadn’t seen her before, and she just didn’t come across as particularly friendly. Nice, pleasant, just not friendly. Granted it could have been because I was late, but she was just very clinical. I see all the doctors and midwives in the practice so I won’t see her again unless she’s on call when I go into labor, but I hope I don’t have to work with her again.

Anyway, baby’s heartbeat was 152. She measured me, but didn’t tell me what the number was. I did gain about two pounds which I’m guessing is a bit of baby and a lot of water. My feet have been puffy the last few days and while I got my wedding rings  on today for pictures, I’m thinking I may not try wear them again until after the baby is born. They’ll come off at the end of the day; it just won’t be comfy when they do.

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