Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The upcoming weekend

This weekend could prove to be exciting in one of two ways.
Option 1 (preferred option):
My pregnancy test I take on Friday morning will be positive. That would be awesome.
Option 2 (not as welcome, but still a victory of sorts):
I will get my period this weekend. This would be the first time that I accurately predicted and got my period when scheduled in my adult life, and the first regular non-medically induced cycle I've had since I went off of the pill.

Unfortunately, my body is giving me signs of both.
My boobs have been sore for a week now and I'm fluctuating between starving and nausea (although that's been better today). I've also been exhausted, like could just put my head down on my desk and sleep tired. I've also developed some backache over the course of today, which is really weird for me. I've had what feels like non-stop heartburn and the sniffles as well.

My boobs have been sore for a week now and I'm often hungry. I'm often tired when I get my period. I don't normally get a backache from my period, just bad cramps. The cramps haven't really shown up, some minor cramping yesterday, but nothing near normal. But they don't normally show up until immediately before I get my period, so there is still time for that. I've had some very light spotting yesterday, not even heavy enough to be considered spotting. It only shows up when I go to the bathroom, and it hasn't really shown up today.

So I'm still waiting. We're going to Chrissy's show on Friday at Magellan's so (if I haven't gotten my period) I'm going to test in the morning just in case. I think 14 dpo is probably far enough to give me a pretty accurate picture. Fingers crossed!!!

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