Saturday, October 29, 2011

It takes small victories

Well, I tested on Thursday. By the time I got up that morning, I was expected a BFN since my cramps had gotten worse and the post-sex spotting that I sometimes get near my period hadn't gone away like it normally would. But I did it anyway, and was not surprised when it was negative. *le sigh*
I spent most of Thursday feeling like I was being split in half right at the level of my uterus. And got my period sometime before lunch.
But, I'm looking at the bright side. It came on its own without ten days of progesterone pills and it came when I was expecting it to come based on ovulation testing. This means several things:
1. I did actually detect ovulation, either the up-surge or the down-surge since I didn't get a true positive, just an almost positive.
2. My body ovulated on its own, since it's unlikely that I would have gotten my period on schedule without ovulating.
3. My progesterone level, which had been soooo low on my 21 days blood work this summer, must have been high enough that the drop triggered my period.
4. I got my period between 13-15 days following ovulation which from what I can tell is rather normal.
5. My cycle was within normally accepted limits in terms of length (34 days). Long, yes, and I ovulated later (day 20-22), but from what I can tell that's within normal. For the first time. EVER.

So as much as I would have loved to have been pregnant, I'm honestly okay with just these small victories.
Hopefully, these small victories will be enough to keep hope alive through Matt's SA second opinion appointment on Wednesday. I'm just praying that goes well.

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