Thursday, November 10, 2011


Someone on Ravelry posted that TTC is one big waiting game. It's true. You wait to ovulate, then you wait until you can test or until you get your period, then you wait for your period to be over so you can start testing and waiting for ovulation. I'm getting good at waiting.

Matt's SA came back well within normal limits. His actual count of sperm was very high so we have permission to have sex as much as we want without too much concern of it affecting anything. They also read the results of the first SA, and said that while the morphology was a little outside of the normal range, overall it was not bad enough to warrant the label of abnormal. So we're waiting again. Since I've missed the clomid window, I'm going to wait to see if I ovulate on my own before we call the doctor to get a script for that. It should happen any time now, but I'm anticipating early next week if it stays true to form based on last cycle. So far we've also been pretty good about having sex every other day or so.

NaKnitMo started last week. So far I'm on track to make 75,000 stitches and take over the group. Not bad for a November. I've gotten more done in the last 10 days than in months. Several coffee cozies, two pairs of mittens (one for me, one for a co-worker), and started a present for Matt. Now let's see if we can make a baby this month too.

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