Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Four month sleep sucks

Four month old sleeping is lame. Wait, no, it's not; it's nonexistent  We've been dealing with a sudden change in Hannah's sleeping habits as well as the transition from her chair to her crib. Had I realized that the four month sleep regression/issue was going to be such an issue, we would have transitioned her awhile ago. If I could I would wait on it, but she's starting to roll over and has managed to get herself into some very scary positions when we checked on her. When we went to the movies last Saturday with my brother and his girlfriend, we came home to find my mom standing in the basement livingroom just watching Hannah sleep on my bed because she kept trying to roll over in the chair and freaked out my mom.

We have had some successes. Hannah spent all night in her crib on Saturday night. Then we had to travel Sunday/Monday and messed everything up. Overall, our travels over break were not all that great. Sleep was a major issue for her when we were at my mom's house for both Christmas and New Year's. It was just too much travelling, especially with the four month issue and the crib transition thrown in there.

She has rolled from back to front a few times on our bed, but tonight was the first night where she did it in her crib. I think that’s part of the reason she’s having such a hard time sleeping, that whole wanting to practice the new skill business. She fusses and thrashes about until she gets herself on her tummy then doesn’t want to be on her tummy which causes a new round of crying. Matt is waaay frustrated. He’s put her down at least four times already tonight, and she is still wide awake. Then she spit up all over both of them.

It is amazing to me how much purpose her movements have now. She will deliberately reach out and play with buttons or my necklace or the straps on my tank or the ties on Matt’s robe. It’s just amazing…… It also appears (at least to me) that she is starting to recognize facial expressions. After an unsuccessful attempt to put her down, Matt brought her back out to the livingroom. I made some type of sad face at her and shook my head. She suddenly looked very concerned, then smiled really big- like she’s trying to make me smile. It works every time. So I smiled back and she started talking up a storm. I know it’s not helping her sleep, but it’s so sweet. Tonight she sounded like she was practicing her vowels over and over: ‘ahhhh…… ehhhh…… ooooo’ over and over and over like a vocal warm-up or something.

This post was very random.

Now a picture.

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  1. She is so beautiful, those big eyes are too cute! We had our boys in their crib from the beginning so I can't offer any hints but I do know that whenever we travel they are totally off track. Sometimes it is worth it but other times we have decided to stay home because it is too much for little ones. Good luck and if you ever need sleep advice I follow the best sleep expert on Facebook and she is AMAZING!
    Take Care!