Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ramblings on the future

A friend posted a link to this article yesterday and it made me think. She wondered, as they discuss the possibility of more children, if her physiological reaction to the article is trying to tell her something. It's an interesting thought, and while I didn't feel the same reaction, it definitely got me thinking about our own situation.

It's a very well written article, and even if I wasn't already firmly convinced that I wanted another baby, I would be after reading it. Right now, Matt and I are dancing around the subject: me with my absolutely certainty that we could and should have another baby in a year or so and Matt who struggles with being content having just one as well as the financial incertainty that having another would bring.

I'm not working too hard on him because I'm okay with waiting a year before we start trying again and I have a feeling he's going to come around on his own. He is already missing those baby snuggles as Hannah becomes more and more independent and wanting to do things. I do think that two will be it for us. It's how I've always pictured things, although we have talked that if we were to have two of the same (girls since we had Hannah), we would discuss adding a third to try for a boy, in this case.

I would be happy with Hannah, but I know how much our siblings mean to us and I want her to have that experience. She probably isn't going to have a ton of biological cousins, at least not around her age (my sister's kids are almost teenagers already) and the rest of our siblings are single. She'll have several non-biological 'cousins' since we have multiple friends who have kids born within a year or so of Hannah. One good friend's daughter was born the week we found out we were pregnant.


I'm trying to blog more, so when something comes across my mind that provokes more than a passing thought, I'm posting. I'm also going to sign-up to guest host for PAIL so that might drum up more traffic here and inspire me to write more.

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