Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baptism post

Yes, I'm backdating this post. And I don't care.

Hannah's baptism went very well.

We got ready to go in the morning before grandma and grandpa arrived.

She had a bottle right before the service.

She fell asleep right before we went up to the baptismal fount. She very briefly opened her eyes when Pastor Gail put the water on her head, but went right back to sleep.

And Diana is going to be a great sponsor. Here she is holding the faith chest that each child is given by the church on their baptism. We're friends with the couple who makes them so it is super special. It's for holding all of the things related to Hannah's faith journey. So for now it will hold the bulletin from her baptism, her baptism candle, the handkerchief used to wipe her head, a little medallion from Thrivent, etc. Eventually, it will have things like her Bible, Confirmation stuff, etc.

After the service, we took a bunch of pictures. In fact, John took over 1.2G of pictures. Here are the highlights.

This is us with my brother.

Us with Diana, Hannah's sponsor. No, she's not my sister. We've just known each other since we were 14.

 Hannah Banana and Diana Banana

The four of us goofing around.

The three of us being goofy.

Hannah and Pastor Gail having a goofy moment.

After we finished up at church, we had everyone back to the house. As I posted earlier, we had more than 20 adults and around half a dozen kids under five all in the basement. Eek. It went remarkably well. We had ham and rolls, a Teschner (my side) family tradition as well as some salads, a veggie tray, and chips & dip. There was beer that only Matt drank (weird!) and lots of pop. We also had a beautiful cake.

And there were more pictures. We each had grandparents that were able to attend, so we took four generation pictures.

Note Hannah's different outfits. Right after we took the picture with my family, she spit-up all over both of us so we both ended up changing clothes.

We also took pictures with my parents. Sadly, between Hannah getting fussy about church and needing a nap at the house, we ended up not getting a picture with Matt's parents. We did get a kinda cute one of her with Matt's dad though.

We also got some very lovely gifts from those in attendance. Overall, it was a long crazy couple of hours, but we all survived. It was a great day though.

I'm glad that the next time I have to host that many people it will be summer and we can be in the backyard.

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