Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Belated 5 month post


Hannah turned five months about three weeks ago. I posted on the date, but didn't actually talk about it at all.

She is sitting up on her own for lengths of time without propping and is reaching for things easily. She'll often fall over when she reaches for stuff, but it's okay.

She is seeming to get used to being on her belly more. She almost always sleeps on her belly these days. At night, once you give her back her pacifier (it almost always ends up under when she rolls), she'll sleep for hours without a peep. It's been lovely. Occasionally, she still wakes up around 4/5 and needs some snuggles, but other than that, she's sleeping well at night.

Nap time still sucks. We've had a few naps of more than half an hour, but thirty minutes is generally the norm. So she is still taking tons of naps during the day. At her four month appointment, the doc said it was fine for her to do that, so we're not too worried. It's just more annoying than anything. She'll go down and Matt will have enough time to shower and make a sandwich, then he'll go get her and eat over her.

Right around her five months, Matt took her in to the doctor because we were worried about an increase in spit-up and discomfort. It seemed like spitting-up was really causing her pain which worried us way more than the mess. She was officially diagnosed with GERD and so she's is now on baby zantac. It seems to be helping. Apparently, right around this age, the acid in the stomach starts getting more acidic to prepare for dealing with solids which is why she is having more discomfort. To help with the spit-up, we also switched bottles. We're now using the drop-in liners which are supposed to collapse as she drinks so she gets less air. Seems to be helping, I think. We're still doing rice in her bottles but that brings me to the next big thing..... food!

We started solids right around five months. The doctor suggested it might help with keeping more of food down. Her first food was applesauce, followed by sweet potatoes, and bananas this weekend. She has enjoyed all of them.

Before the baptism, Doug put together the jumperoo (aka circle of neglect) that she got from my parents for Christmas. She loves it! She is going to get bird some day!!

We also put together her high chair after the baptism and she has spent time in it. Even when she's not getting food, it's nice to have her in the kitchen and she'll sit there and play for ten-fifteen minutes at a time so I can get something done. Hannah helped with the directions.

We've gotten some cute outfits lately. Matt's car seat doesn't have a cozy on it so we bought her a polar bear snow suit.

Having a snow suit gives us the opportunity for her to wear more of the short sleeved onsies that Sam made for us as part of the decorations for the baby shower.

And this outfit is covered with turtles so we had to get it.

I also need to stop impulse buying her toys.

Our kid is so stinking cute.

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